4 Fitness Tips for People Who Don’t Like Working Out

Most people want to work out but due to one reason or the other they are never committed to adhere to their fitness routine. If you are one of them, you do not need to worry about it because you are not the only one. With working out, you do not necessarily have to join a gym in order to get into shape. There are some effective expert tips which can be incorporated by anyone into their daily routine and they’ll do them great justice.

If you are really finding a hard time motivating yourself through any fitness routine, you need to adhere to the following tips. The good thing about these routines is that they can be incorporated in your everyday activities.

  •    Improve your posture

This is quite easy. Every morning, as you stare into the mirror, you can do some light exercises that can greatly improve your posture. Try doing some scapular squeezes as you stand in front of your mirror every day. To achieve this, you may want to consider retracting your shoulders into a good posture and your chin up. Follow this by putting pelvis in a neutral position and then go ahead and work on your core muscles simply by contracting your abdominals. Besides that working on your muscles, these light exercises can ease your back pains.

  • Squat as you brush your teeth

Does this sound like something you can do? Why not. Make this a habit and you should not have a problem. Practice doing squats as you brush your teeth or even when talking on the phone. You do not even need to do them in a rush. As a matter of fact, when squats are done slowly, they increase your strength especially on the knees.

  • Use one leg to stand at the sink

Taking a stork stance has the effect of reinforcing your neuromuscular control around the hip, knee and ankle. This in turn helps us to maintain a one-leg support anytime you want to engage in normal activities. You can do this even as you are in the kitchen performing chores such as washing utensils. It might look like you are joking but on the contrary, you’ll be doing yourself a lot of good. While doing this, you need to give yourself access to some stable ground in case you stumble and need some support.

  • You can stretch at your desk

Who said that you cannot workout while in the office? You can still remain efficient as you work and still manage to do some workouts. You can take periodic breaks to do additional scapular squeezes together with a bit of wrist stretches. What you can do is to stretch your arm in front of you, preferably parallel to the floor as your palm faces out. Imagine yourself attempting to stop traffic. You can then increase your stretches using the other hand by gently pulling your fingers towards you.

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